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Barnet Home Carers is here to support your or a loved one’s needs to continue living at home, in a familiar environment.

As a provider of at-Home care services for over 30 years we are fully aware that every individual’s needs differ.

What makes us unique? We consider each and every one of you who have entrusted us in supporting you at home, as a member of our extended family.

As a member of the Barnet Home Carers family, we will always provide a tailored at-Home care package that has been devised by a member of our experienced management team and agreed with you and your loved ones.

Understanding your at-Homecare needs

Our initial meeting with you and one of our management team, will enable us to understand how you would like us to support your needs living within your own home.

This will help us agree on a person centred support plan that our at-Home carers will complete on visiting you at home.

We are aware that your needs will continually evolve as time catches up with us all. To this end, our at-Homecarers are asked to report any changes that they have observed.

If you feel that you would like to discuss with us any changes to your support plan, please contact us and we will help to fufil your wishes.

“My father is definitely, totally and utterly happy with the carers. They treat him very well, with respect and observing his dignity. He feels safe, they help him with medication. They always wear their PPE. If they are going to be slightly late, they ring and let us know. That’s fine with me.”

Our commitment in providing a quality at-Homecare service


Quality of life

During our initial assessment, we will determine what support you require from our compassionate and knowlegable at-Home carers. By creating a person-centred support plan we hope to let you maintain a quality of life that you have been accustomed to leading before the realisation that you now require some level of at-Home care support whilst ensuring your safety.


Risk Assessments

In ensuring all aspects of your support plan are carried out safely, we will carry out the necessary risk assessments with you to ensure that we are aware of any eventualities so that we can support you appropriately and in a dignified manner.


Hobbies and interests

It is very important to us that we help you maintain your standing within the local community, whether it be supporting you to go to the shops or going to meet some of your friends.

Whether you require minimal support or a great deal of support, we will make sure your independence is maximised whilst keep you safe.


Review of your needs

By ensuring that we provide you with a tailored care package, it is important to continually monitor your support needs. Your support plan will be reviewed on an annual basis if there are no changes reported.

Our experienced at-Home carers, are asked to report any changes that you or your loved one may be encountering which may require a greater level of support or you may wish to advise us of any changes. One of our management team, will arrange with you a convenient time to discuss what changes may be appropriate.


Key Policies and Procedures

Barnet Home Carers have partnered with Quality Compliance Systems and have adopted their dedicated suite of policies and procedures relating to at-Home care services.

These include:

  • Personal care
  • Safeguarding
  • Medication administration
  • Equality & diversity
  • Autonomy & independence

The care services that Barnet Carers Centre provides are regulated and inspected by the Care Quality Commission.  We were inspected in June 2021 and were rated as Good.

People told us that staff were kind and caring. Comments included “The staff are kind, caring and respectful observing his privacy and dignity.” And “They treat him with dignity and respect, love and compassion.”

Staff we spoke with were knowledgeable about people’s preferences, personalities and things that were important to them. This indicated staff had caring relationships with the people they looked after.

Staff told us that they had enough time to engage with people to make sure that each person had everything they needed

Staff comments include “I’m always kind and just simply respect people” and “We make sure we have time for them, hold their hand if necessary to encourage and reassure them.”

Our at-Homecare Services

Our home care services are flexible to fit around your needs.  People do not come in one size and nor does our care.  We can visit you to discuss your requirements, talk to you about funding options and provide you with a bespoke package to suit you.

Day Time Care

Our most popular care.  We can provide everything from companionship, to cooking, to more personal care.  Our care is both high quality and competitive and we offer it in one-hour blocks.

Night Time Care

We offer different kinds of night care to suit your needs.  Waking nights and sleeping nights have recently been complemented by our new Night Owl service which can provide a cheaper alternative.

Respite Care

Whether you just want to pop to the shops or go away for the weekend. We are able to provide a quality at-Home respite care service, giving you the peace of mind that your loved one is being tended for.

Hospital Discharge Care

If you are about to be discharged from hospital and require at-Home care support whilst you or your loved one recuperates, our trained team are able to help with your needs.

Dementia & Alzheimer Care

All our at-Home care workers have completed dementia training in order to provide your loved one the best quality and compassionate level of care.

Children & Young People Care

We have been offering specialist care for children and young people for a number of years and can provide many carers with a variety of expertise.

Barnet Home Carers Logo

Our mission is to provide the best at-Home care service in Barnet

We have been providing home care services in North London for over 30 years.  Our aim is to keep you in your own home for as long as you wish by providing whatever services you need to do that.


Experienced at-Home carers

Many of our at-home carers have worked for our service for over a decade.  Their experience is second to none in the Borough.

Knowlegeable Management

The managers and co-ordinators of our service have all worked as at-home carers themselves.  They know the job and understand what is needed to provide excellent care


On Call 24/7

Our out of hours service is available 24 hours a day 365 days a year.  If you have an emergency, need immediate cover or just some advice you can call us.

Honest Pricing

You can be sure that we will give you an honest price based on what we think will be involved.  Our basic hourly costs are outlined and we have added bands for certain specialist support where we need staff with more skills and training.

Highly trained staff

All of our staff are qualified to the minimum of the Care Certificate which includes infection control, hygiene, first aid, safeguarding and much more.  Many of our staff have additional training in skills around illnesses such as dementia and epilepsy.  We are an accredited training provider.

Always developing

We are always looking to develop our services and what we can offer the people we care for.  Our new Night Owl service provides a new way of providing affordable night care.  We are always looking to improve our care.

“I have used a couple of local services but the care provided by Barnet Home Carers has been second to none.  My mother is always genuinely excited and happy to see her carer.  Something that reassures me that I have made the right decision.”

Rhonda Oliver

Carer for her mother

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