Frequently Asked Questions

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How long has Barnet Home Carers been in existence?

Barnet Carers have been providing in home care support to the people of Barnet for over 30 years.  A decade ago, Barnet Care and Support Services merged with Barnet Princess Royal Trust for Carers and we became Barnet Carers.

Do you provide at-Home care services where I or my loved one resides?

We provide at-Home care services for residents who live in the London Borough of Barnet.

Are your at-Home care workers DBS checked?

Your security is paramount, to that end all our at-Home care worker’s backgrounds are processed through the Disclosure and Barring Service via an enhanced DBS check.

On a 3-yearly cycle, the process is then repeated.

What training are your at-Home care workers given prior to supporting my loved one or I in the home?

All our at-Home care workers are required to attend a comprehensive training programme as part of their induction process. This training is provided by Advantage Training and is regularly renewed.

Additionally, they are required to go through a ‘shadowing’ process before being allowed to be present at a client’s home without a mentor.

How do you ensure the quality of service you promise to provide is upheld?

The Barnet Home Carers management team carry out regular spot checks to ensure that your at-Home care worker is providing the quality of care we are expect you to be receiving.

The management team also carries out a regular telephone monitoring audit to ensure that issues clients may have and are rectified as soon as possible.

When can my at-Home care service start?

On the assumption that an inHome care worker is available and one of our team has been to complete the initial paperwork, which includes your person-centred care plan, your inHome care service can start immediately.

If I require an at-Home care worker to visit me, how can I request additional visits?

If there is ever the case that you require additional visits from our at-Home care workers, please ring us and let us know.

We will do our best in fulfilling additional requests but the earlier you can let us know, it will help us in assisting your request.

If I cannot physically answer the door, can I agree arrangements to be made for my at-Home care worker to let thenselves in?

Should it be determined, during the assessment process, that it would make your life easier for your visiting inHome care worker to let themselves in, we will make the necessary arrangements.

Your visiting at-Home care worker will announce themselves before letting themselves into your home.

What do I do, should my at-Home care worker not arrive at the time I am expecting them?

If you ever are in this situation, please contact us and speak to Gloria or Sara.

Should there ever be the situation where we are aware that your at-Home care worker is being delayed, we will let you know as soon as possible.

Will I receive the same at-Home care worker(s) during my time with Barnet Home Carers?

We acknowledge that your quality of care benefits from continued care from familiar at-Home care workers.

We will endeavour to have a regular group of at-Home care workers ensuring your care needs are fulfilled.

Am I able to request at-Home care workers who have similar interests to mine?

Whilst we cannot guarantee this, we will always endeavour to match you, our clients and at-Home care workers who have similar interests.

We will however ensure that no at-Home care worker that arrives at your home prior to you two having met beforehand.

I wish to compliment the care that I have received?

We always appreciate compliments on the quality of care that you are receiving. 

Contact our management team and if there is a specific inHome care worker, we will ensure that your compliments are passed on.

Will I be notified and given advanced warning of any price changes?

Should there be increase in our service prices, we will inform you before the new prices come into effect.

If I wish to cancel a planned visit by my at-Home care worker, how much notice am I expected to give?

If at any time you wish to cancel a scheduled visit, we ask that you notify us..

Policies and guidelines

Data Protection

In accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998, Barnet Carers Centre operates policies and procedures which prohibit unauthorised access to, or disclosure of clients’, personal information. Clients have the right to access personal information held about them. If clients wish to access any information they should contact the Care Manager who will make the arrangements.

Any personal data provided by the client is used by Barnet Carers Centre to identify appropriate inHome Carers and services.  It may also use the data to conduct market research and to keep its clients informed about social and healthcare developments or legislative changes. If the client does not wish to receive details of these, they should advise the team.

Personal data such as racial or ethnic origin, beliefs and health is recorded only for monitoring purposes, staff selection and service provision purposes only. By signing our Terms of Business the client is expressly permitting the use of this information in this way.

Confidentiality guidelines

Barnet Carers Centre maintains high standards of service delivery by adhering to the following guidelines:

  1. All staff have a duty to respect the confidentiality of people who use our services
  2. Personal information kept by Barnet Carers Centre is only available to those directly involved in the provision of care.
  3. In all situations, confidential information will only be disclosed if there is a legitimate need to know, and only with the prior consent of the person concerned, with the exception of an emergency situation.
  4. In the event of an emergency situation or a disclosure that may lead to someone being put at risk, the Care Manager will be obliged to inform the appropriate authorities.
  5. It is the inHouse Carers responsibility to report any areas of concern to the Care Manager immediately.
Hygiene and infection control

CHSS fully acknowledges the need for staff to practise good hygiene to reduce the risk of cross infection. The necessary information, training and supervision are provided to all PCAs to achieve this.


All PCAs are issued with disposable plastic aprons and gloves for use when necessary.  Please show the PCA where cleaning materials are kept in case they are needed and provide paper towels or kitchen roll for the PCA’s use.

Food Hygiene:

All PCAs are trained in Food Hygiene to enable them to provide meals as safely as possible in the environment they are working in.


As home owners it is important to ensure any equipment that may be used by a PCA is in good working order. This includes electrical equipment such as the kettle, cooker etc and any special equipment such as hoists, stair-lifts, wheelchairs and other items.

Health and safety

Barnet Carers Centre has a responsibility to make sure that clients are safe and protected at all times. All staff carry an identity badge, which contains their photograph and the address of the Carers Centre. Clients should not allow anyone entry to their home claiming to be from Barnet Carers Centre who is not able to produce an identity badge.

An inHouse Carer will be alerted to any possible risk or injury to the client or themselves.  The Care Manager will conduct risk assessments in order to identify any risks to the client, the person being cared for, or the inHouse Carer.

Health and Safety

General Safety

Our inHome Carers are careful around the home and keep a look out for possible risks to general safety. We like to make sure that rugs are not put on slippery floors and that spills are cleared up quickly. If you have any concerns, talk to the team and it will do its best to help.

First Aid

Our inHome Carers  are required to undertake training in First Aid, so that they are able to deal with emergency situations if or when they arise.

Where there has been an accident involving injury, the carer must not attempt to perform any procedure, which could, if incorrectly applied, endanger the life or well-being of the injured person. Help must be summoned immediately by dialling 999.

Fire Safety

The inHome Carer will need to be made aware of any evacuation plans so that In the event of a fire occurring during the their visit whether the someone is present or not, they will be able to follow procedure.

Moving and handling

In providing support to carers and personal care support to people with care needs we recognise that an essential element of service may involve providing assistance with mobility, moving and handling. Any tasks that involve assistance with mobility must be fully risk assessed as part of the care planning process to ensure that we are not performing tasks that put people with care needs or staff at risk. We will carry out such assessments to ensure we fully understand your needs and will respect personal wishes with regard to mobility issues.

All PCAs are fully trained on how to assist with mobility.  Training updates take place annually.

Administration of medicine

inHome Carers may only assist with or administer prescribed medication if this has been agreed as part of the Client Needs Assessment/Personal Plan. For further details of what can or cannot be done regarding medication, discuss with a Care Coordinator or ask for a copy of the medication policy.

The overall responsibility for medication will be with the General Practitioner / District Nurse / Health Professional.  Any inHome Carer who is required to assist with or administer medication will have previously received training to enable them to do so.

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