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Barnet Home Carers is here to support residents in Barnet with your at-Home care needs to allow you to continue living in your own homes. The homecare service is run by Barnet Carers Centre.

Barnet Carers Centre has been delivering home care across the Borough for over 30 years.

We are a well known local charity, regulated by the Care Quality Commission and an approved supplier to the London Borough of Barnet.  While we have many local authority, health authority and private clients, we have only recently begun to market our services – which is why you may not have heard of us.

As a charity, we do not exist to create profit, but rather we aim for, excellence in care quality, well-trained staff, an excellent experience for the people we help care for, and a reputation that we believe is second to none.

Try us and find out why we are so proud of our service.

The care services that Barnet Carers Centre provides are regulated and inspected by the Care Quality Commission.  We were inspected in October 2017 and were rated as Good.

Everyone we spoke with said they thought they were treated with respect and had their dignity maintained.

Staff, we spoke with, were very clear that treating people well was a fundamental expectation of the service.

Staff comments include “I’m always kind and just simply respect people” and “We make sure we have time for them, hold their hand if necessary to encourage and reassure them.”

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Our mission is to provide the best at-Home care service in Barnet

We have been providing home care services in North London for over 30 years.  Our aim is to keep you in your own home for as long as you wish by providing whatever services you need to do that.

Our Promise to you

As Chief Executive and Care Manager, we are both responsible for and proud of the home care services that we offer.  We know that arranging care for you or your loved ones is a very personal and sometimes difficult decision.  Which is why we make this promise to you.  If there is ever a time when you find yourself unhappy or unsure about the service that we are delivering, we would like you to call us so that we can investigate and put it right.  You will be able to get one of us 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.  Our approach to care is that it should feel like family.  If you decide to place your trust in us to provide care for you or your loved one, we will treat you like family.  And that includes, importantly, being there when you need us.

Meet Our Homecare Team

Our management team have started with us us care workers and have been with us for many years and there is not a great deal that they do not know in providing a quality person centred at-Homecare service

Donia Arnall

Donia started working for Barnet Carers over 18 years ago as a Support Worker. She now manages the Home Care Team which she thoroughly enjoys. She is an animal lover and in her spare time likes to go on long walks with her dog and also enjoys keeping fit.

Gerri Byrne

Gerri started working at for us in 2008 as a care assistant and is now our Deputy Care Manager. She is a people person and enjoys her work to support carers in Barnet.

Gloria Konadu–Boateng

Gloria has been a PCA for 12 years and is currently one of our Care Co-ordinators. What gets her up every morning and wanting to go to work is knowing there will be someone whom she will be able to support to make their day a bit easier.

Sara Hannuna

Sara has worked as a carer for 9 years and is now a Care Coordinator. She has experience of working with a wide range of people with varying ages and needs. Sara is a mum of two young children and loves getting out and about.

Ever considered a career as an at-Homecarer? Click the link below to find out more.

Barnet Carers Centre is a well established local charity providing support to informal and unpaid carers in the community as well as home care both privately and funded through the local authority, health authority or personal budgets.  You can read more about what we do here.

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