Covid 19 – keeping you safe

The Coronavirus pandemic has meant that providers of home care have had to make changes to the way they provide that care in order to ensure that both staff and the person being provided the care is being kept safe.

At the current time, we believe that home care is amongst the safest form of care for elderly and vulnerable people available and that it significantly reduces the risk of infection transmission by allowing individuals to be cared for away from other people.

We have implemented measures to ensure you or your loved one’s safety as well as our at-Homecarers whilst supporting your needs at home.

How the Covid-19 Pandemic is affecting people’s choices in care

Over 50% of people surveyed, said that they were apprehensive of opting for a care home to support the care needs of a loved one.

Over 90% cited Covid-19 as the principal reason for not opting for a care home.

The majority of people survey, responded by saying that they were considering homecare as an alternative to supporting their loved one’s care needs.

Personal Protective Equipment

All our at-Homecarers are suppled and use PPE or Personal Protective Equipment when supporting your care needs. Since the begining of the Coronavirus pandemic, there has been greater emphasis on the use of PPE as well as the type of PPE needing to be supplied and used within your homes.

Where appropriate, we have ensured that our at-Homecarers are instructed to wear face masks and visors or goggles. We have ensured our at-Homcarers adhere to the correct procedures in wearing PPE and disposing of used PPE in accordance to the clear Infection Prevention & Control policy we have in place.

Recommended PPE at this time includes:
• Disposable plastic gloves;
• Disposable plastic aprons;
• Fluid resistant surgical masks;
• Eye Protection such as clear plastic goggles or a visor.

Many staff will also wear plastic sleeves on their arms and foot covers.

“My father is definitely, totally and utterly happy with the carers. They treat him very well, with respect and observing his dignity. He feels safe, they help him with medication. They always wear their PPE. If they are going to be slightly late, they ring and let us know. That’s fine with me.”

Testing of staff

All home care and other social care staff can now access government test for Coronavirus. We have instructed our at-Homecarers that they should notify the team as to their symptoms and get themselves tested. The at-Homecarer will be removed from providing care from the time of notifying the team of their symptoms tilll the team are assured that the at-Homecarer has been given a clean bill of health.

The wellbeing of you, the people we support and our at-Homecarer team is paramount. If you have any concerns, please talk to us.

Measures we have implemented

Ensuring your at-Homecarer has sufficient and appropriate Personal Protective Equipment

Cleaning and disinfecting surfaces ensuring a virus free environment

Ensuring you are visited by at-Homecarers who you know in these uncertain times

Ensuring that our at-Homecarers look for any signs of you being unwell

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