A tailored care package…

As a member of the Barnet Home Carers family, we will always provide a tailored at-Hone care package that has been devised by a member of our experienced management team and agreed with you and your loved ones.

In accordance with policies and procedures that govern homecare services – our promise is to provide you with a service that is:

  • Safe
  • Caring
  • Effective
  • Responsive
  • Well-led

Quality of life

During our initial assessment, we will determine what support you require from our compassionate and knowlegable at-Home carers. By creating a person-centred support plan we hope to let you maintain a quality of life that you have been accustomed to leading before the realisation that you now require some level of at-Home care support whilst ensuring your safety.

Risk assessments

In ensuring all aspects of your support plan are carried out safely, we will carry out the necessary risk assessments with you to ensure that we are aware of any eventualities so that we can support you appropriately and in a dignified manner.

Hobbies and interests

It is very important to us that we help you maintain your standing within the local community, whether it be supporting you to go to the shops or going to meet some of your friends.

Whether you require minimal support or a great deal of support, we will make sure your independence is maximised whilst keep you safe.

Review of your needs

By ensuring that we provide you with a tailored care package, it is important to continually monitor your support needs. Your support plan will be reviewed on an annual basis if there are no changes reported.

Our experienced at-Home carers, are asked to report any changes that you or your loved one may be encountering which may require a greater level of support or you may wish to advise us of any changes. One of our management team, will arrange with you a convenient time to discuss what changes may be appropriate.

Key Policies & Procedures

As a partner of the Carers Trust, Barnet Home Carers have adopted their policies and procedures relating to at-Home care services.

These include:

  • Personal care
  • Safeguarding
  • Medication administration
  • Equality & diversity
  • Autonomy & independence
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