Our values and principles

Barnet Carers Centre works with a clear set of values that are placed in front and centre of everything we do.  We plan and carry out our work based on these values and we expect all of our staff to sign up to them and work by them.

Our organisational values are:

Compassion: We will treat all of the people we work with and for with compassion and genuine care.

Transparency: We will be clear and open in all of our dealings with everyone.  We will not hide anything and we welcome feedback to improve our service.

Integrity: We will do what we say we will do at all times.  We can be trusted to deliver the services we have undertaken.

Respect: We will treat all of the people we work with and for with the utmost respect and dignity.

Service: Service to individuals and service to the community lies at the heart of what we do as an organisation.

Togetherness: We will work together with individuals and organisations to make sure that we are fulfilling our values and working towards a community that cares.

You have the right to…

  • have care and support provided which is appropriate to your needs;

  • be supported by staff who are properly trained and who provide care in a friendly, caring and respectful manner;

  • be treated as an individual, and to make your own decisions;

  • participate as fully as possible  in developing your support/personal care plan;

  • request a review of your support/care package at any time;

  • have the choice of living in your own home;

  • decide who will and who will not enter your home;

  • have personal privacy for yourself and your belongings and affairs;

  • be listened to at all times and to have your thoughts, opinions and attitudes respected and considered;

  • have your values, beliefs and chosen lifestyle respected at all times.
  • have your personal dignity respected at all times;

  • be encouraged and supported to be as independent as possible;


  • not be discriminated against for any reason such as race, age, colour, religion, sexual orientation, physical and financial circumstances and to have all such needs respected and accepted;

  • have access to friends, relatives, and anyone who is important to you and to be assisted, where necessary in making such arrangements;


  • have access to personal files and information held about you;

  • have access to a formal complaints process and to be represented by a relative/friend/advisor;


  • have access to an interpreter or interpreting service if required.

A Simple, Affordable Approach to Home Care

Organising home care should be simple, affordable and of high quality.  Our approach is transparent and straightforward.  You can download our client guide and our quality guide here.

Come and work for us...Great pay and a great place to work

We are currently looking for experienced at-Home Carers.  We offer the London Living Wage plus incentives (£10.75-£13 per hour) as well as ongoing training, pension, excellent support and a great place to work.  Many of our staff have been with us for over a decade so we must be doing something right!