Respite Care

There are times when you just need a break from caring.  This is nothing to feel guilty about but is natural, especially when you are providing 24/7 support for your loved one.  We can provide a respite for you.  Go to the cinema, do some shopping or how about a weekend away?

  • Respite care available in blocks of one hour up to days
  • We can provide staff 24 hours a day or just for enough time for you to take a break
  • Respite care can be cheaper at certain times of the day if you have flexibility

Our Respite Services

What time periods can I book respite care?

Our respte services are designed to be as flexible as possible. The minimum time you can book is 1 hour and you can add as many hours as you require.

Are there funding opportunities?

As an unpaid carer, there are a range of funding opportunities that may be open to you. By contacting our Adult Services team at Barnet Carers Centre, they will be able to advise the range of funding options open to you.

Supporting people with dementia

We appreciate that caring for loved ones who are affected by dementia can be a struggle.

All our inHome care workers have been trained to provide high quality respite support with individuals who are affected by dementia

Saving money through flexible bookings

If you are flexible about the times that you might want respite care then it is always possible to save money on one or more hours.  Certain times of the day are more popular than others.  Contact us for availability and prices.

Getting out and about?

Our at-Home care workers will help your loved one get out and about in the community as part of the respite service we provide.

Companionship and fun

Our at-Home care workers are able to provide the companionship or fun that your loved one may need giving you the peace of mind, whilst you do something for yourself.

Is there an initial assessment that needs to be completed?

We will arrange to come and visit you and your loved on to find out what type of care you are looking for such as companionship, activity, or personal care.  With each individual booking we will discuss your wishes for that time and make sure that we plan the care to make it just right for you and your loved one.  

The people we care for are all individuals and that is why we focus on delivering individualised care.

Caring for a person with dementia

Caring for someone with dementia can be very challenging.  If you are a carer for a person with dementia, our Adult Carers Team may be able to provide you with some support.  You can contact them here.

The Barnet Carers TV channel also has a collection of videos from a range of organisations which offer tips and help.

The Dementia Discussions Toolkit is also a great resource.