Dementia Care

People who are affected by dementia will ultimately require some kind of home care service if they wish to remain in their own homes, surroundings that are thought to be familar to put your loved one’s minds at ease.

Barnet Home Carers offers specialist at-Home care support for dementia sufferers, our compassionate at-Home care workers will help provide the person-centred support that your loved requires to maintain their quality of life. Maintaing a daily routine is seen as key in reducing any possible anxiety.

Dementia being a progressive condition, we are aware that your care needs will need to adapt as your condition affects your day-to day ability to carry out tasks.

Our trained at-Homecarers will inform us of any changes that they may have observed over a period of time.

Benefits of Dementia at-Homecare

at-Homecare, the preferred option to a residential care home

A survey concluded that the vast majorty of people would prefer to continue living in their own homes if they were to be diagnosed with dementia. 

Continuing to be in familar surroudings

Living in surroundings that will put your mind at ease, will help you in time of anxiety as to unfamiliar surroundings, such as a residential home. 

Dementia Awareness trained at-Homecarers

All our at-Homecarer team have completed dementia awareness training and receive refresher courses when necessary, enabling us to provide you with specialised at-Homecare support

at-Homecarers, who are familiar to you

We like to ensure that you are supported by a number of our at-Homecarers and not just a single individual. Being able to see faces who you are familiar with and them to  you will help lessen anxiety as your condition worsens.

at-Homecare support carried out in a dignified manner

However much your condition may worsen, you are still seen as an individual and our at-Homecare support plan will be carried out in an appropriate manner.

Peace of mind for your loved ones

It may be that your immediate support system may live outside of the borough. We will ensure that any loved ones are appropriately informed on your wellbeing.

Our Dementia Care Services

How much care do you need?

The level of care you or your loved one needs, is determined by the initial assessment carried out by one of our highly knowledgeable and experienced management team. An agreed, person-centred support plan will be developed to ensure your quality of life is maximised whilst supporting your care needs.

What about cooking and meals?

We will provide inHome care for people who need help in making meals. Meals will be prepared in accordance to you or your loved ones preferences.

Our inHome care workers will encourage you or your loved one to consider nutrious options but realise it is personal choice.

Will an inHome Carer do housework?

Whilst we endeavour to support all of your needs, we advise our inHome carers only  to do any light housework duties. If you require more support in doing housework, we will happily recommend to you cleaning services.

Can inHome carers give medication?

inHome care for people needing help taking medication can be provided. This support will need to be disclosed so that the appropriate level of support can be provided and monitored as per statutory guidelines.

Is there a lot of paperwork and how am I kept up to date?

We will keep the paperwork to a minimum that is necessary in fulfilling your wishes in supporting your care needs in your own home.

We will endeavour to keep you up-to-date via direct communications or via social media.

What if something goes wrong?

Should you ever feel that you are not receiving the quality of care you are expecting, please contact the management team who will endeavour to rectify the issue.

10 Tips when looking for quality home care

Information you should know…

We don’t think you should have to work hard to try and find out all you need to know about the service that we deliver.  We do not keep our policies in locked drawers until you ask for them.  Everything you need to know is easily accessible on this website and will be given to you in our client guide.  But don’t let that stop you asking questions.  We are always happy to talk…

We are a network partner of the Carers Trust and use their policy framework to ensure that we are delivering care of the highest quality.

Our service is regulated by the Care Quality Commission, the body responsible for ensuring quality standards in health and social care.  You can read our latest CQC report here.

We are an approved supplier to the London Borough of Barnet and also deliver support to adult and young carers on contract to the authority.