Our guide to choosing home care

Over 30 years in providing the borough of Barnet’s residents with a quality at-Home care service, we felt that a guide which would demystify home care services would be informative to any prospective clients wishing to know what to be aware of and potential pitfalls.

10 Questions You Should Ask Any Potential at-Home care Provider…

Information you should know

We don’t think you should have to work hard to try and find out all you need to know about the service that we deliver.  We do not keep our policies in locked drawers until you ask for them.  Everything you need to know is easily accessible on this website and will be given to you in our client guide.  But don’t let that stop you asking questions.  We are always happy to talk…

We are a network partner of the Carers Trust and use their policy framework to ensure that we are delivering care of the highest quality.

Our service is regulated by the Care Quality Commission, the body responsible for ensuring quality standards in health and social care.

We are an approved supplier to the London Borough of Barnet and also deliver support to adult and young carers on contract to the authority.

Questions you should always ask a potential at-Home care provider…

Question 1

What charges, if any, will I be expected to pay?

Question 2

What services are charged as extras?

Question 3

Have your carers looked after someone with similar care needs to me?

Question 4

How will you choose the most suitable carer for me?

Question 5

Will the carer visit in an agreed time slot and will they tell me if they are delayed or running late?

Question 6

What sort of training do your carers get?

Question 7

How can I contact you during the day, in an emergency, or outside of office hours?

Question 8

If I am paying for my own care, do you have a standard contract/terms & conditions that I can read before signing?

Question 9

If the Local Authority is contributing to my care can I see a copy of the agreement they have with you?

Question 10

How often will my support plan get reviewed?

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